Role of Dental service

Dental Services in the HSE Kildare/ West Wicklow Dental Area
Role of the Dental Service is, within the resources available, to promote and improve the dental health of the population of the HSE Kildare/ West Wicklow Dental Area through preventive and treatment services and to promote an environment conducive to good oral health.

Eligibility for HSE Dental Services

The following categories of patients are eligible for HSE Dental Services:
All children under 16 years of age,
Adults with valid medical cards (not a doctor only card),
E 111 form holders (emergency treatment),
E 128 form holders (routine treatment),
Refugees with Refugee Agency ID Cards who are awaiting medical cards (emergency treatment),
Residents of the United Kingdom on production of evidence of UK residence (emergency treatment,.
Any other person whose entitlement is confirmed by the CEO or his/her office.

Services for children:

Emergency services are available to all children to their 16th birthday. Routine services are delivered by the school dental service, which provides routine treatment to target classes (i.e. 2nd, 4th, and 6th) in primary schools within available resources. For information, contact the local HSE dental clinic or the offices of the Principal Dental Surgeon.

Service for adults

Emergency and routine dental treatment is available via the Dental Treatment Services Scheme (DTSS) operated by certain private dentists who are contracted to the HSE. For information, contact your local private dentist, the local HSE dental clinic or the offices of the Principal Dental Surgeon.

The DTSS provides for emergency dental treatment including some “below line treatments” e.g. dentures. There is also provision for further treatments being available for patients who are exceptional / high risk cases. Applications for approval for such treatments are made by contracted dentists to the Principal Dental Surgeon via the approval process.

Services for patients with special needs

A special emphasis is placed on those with special needs and includes children who are medically compromised and children attending special schools/ special classes.

Offices of the Principal Dental Surgeon

For further information on any aspect of the dental services, please contact the offices of the Principal Dental Surgeon.
The offices of the Principal Dental Surgeon are located at:

HSE Dental Office,
First Floor,
Vista Primary Care Building,
Ballymore Eustace Road,
Co. Kildare
Tel 045 986868
Fax 045 986885

Level 3
(045) 843 097
(045) 843 098
Hours of Service