Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Advanced Nurse Practitioners – Emergency Care (Minor Injuries)

Ms. Eimear Lavelle RANP, RGN, RNP, MSc

Ms. Jan Hailey Reyes RANP, RGN, RNP, MSc

Ms. Victoria Nolder ANPc, RGN

Eimear, Jan and Victoria currently work as Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners (RANP) and Candidate Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANPc) in the Emergency Department (ED) of Naas General Hospital. These Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners work autonomously with the ED Team to ensure excellence in the provision of clinical care. They assess, diagnose, treat and discharge patients. It is their goal to provide high quality, holistic, evidence-based, individualised care to patients who present to NGH Emergency Department within their cohort.

Scope of Service:

Minor Head Injuries (no loss of consciousness)

Eye Injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries to Face

Upper Limb Injuries (Clavicle to Fingers)

Fingernail and Nail bed Injuries

Finger Tendon Injuries (Open or Closed)

Lower Limb Injuries (Knees to Toes)

Achilles Tendon Injuries

Toe Nail and Nail bed Injuries

Minor Burns to Upper and Lower Limbs

Foreign Bodies (Superficial Soft Tissue, Ear, Nose)

Bites (Human, Dog)

Injuries to Skin (lacerations/incisions/abrasions/puncture wound)

Minor Injuries Unit in the Emergency Department
Hours of Service