Day Hospital

A day hospital is an outpatient facility where older patients attend for a full or near full day and receive multidisciplinary rehabilitation in the health-care setting. Our department was established in December 1996. It is a consultant-led multidisciplinary assessment unit, providing a geriatric assessment for patients over 65 years.


Patients are invited to attend the day hospital following a referral from a number of sources, i.e. GPs consultants, public health nurses, R.G.N.s, physiotherapists and occupational therapists within the community.
Each referral is discussed at a weekly team meeting. Names are placed on a waiting list, with urgent referrals seen within one week and all other patients assessed within a four to six-week period.
Appropriate patients for referral to day hospital include those with:
Multiple medical problems
Cognitive impairment
Complex psychosocial needs
Impaired mobility
Poor nutrition
Incontinence problems and those requiring multidisciplinary input

Other Services

The Day Hospital relies on other departments within the hospital for back-up treatment and diagnosis and these can be rapidly accessed when necessary, e.g. X-ray CT scanning, Doppler scanning, echo and a wide variety of pathology tests. Other services that we can provide on site are 24 hour holter monitoring and 24-hour BP monitoring.

Other staff we may rely on are: Clinical nurse specialists, i.e. respiratory nurse and diabetes nurse Dietician Speech and language therapist Social worker Alcohol and smoking cessation counsellors.

Our Aim

Our aim is to facilitate independence by assessing needs of the patients and striving to meet them within their community, using a multidisciplinary approach.
Both patient and carers are encouraged to become involved in setting and meeting of treatment goals.
We provide ongoing treatment and support post discharge.
We support ongoing professional development and training in seeking out best practice.


Consultant physician in geriatric medicine
Medical registrar
Clinical nurse managers
Staff nurse
Senior physiotherapist/staff physiotherapist
Occupational therapist manager
Clerical officer
Care attendant
Catering attendant

Level 2
(045) 849 701
Hours of Service
  • Mon-Fri
    8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.