Clinical Services

Patient Information

How your appointment is made:

You attend the Out Patients Department by appointment only. Your appointment will have been arranged by your GP or a Consultant who will have sent a referral to the relevant specialist.
Your appointment will be sent to your home address and will include details of date, time and Consultant.
If you are attending a fracture clinic the appointment may have be arranged by the doctor who saw you in the A&E Department at the time of your accident.
If you are unable to attend please notify the Out Patients Department so that your appointment can be assigned to another person. If desired a further appointment will be forwarded by post to you.
Out Patients Department 045 843095 or 045 849910.

First Visit

Please bring the following:

  • Your appointment letter or card.
  • Any medication you are taking. This includes inhalers and insulin.
  • If you are attending a diabetic clinic please bring your blood sugar diary.
  • Any specialist x-ray films you may have to bring to your consultant.
  • Blood test results, which your GP may done prior to your clinic visit.

Helpful Hints

If you need physical assistance to get to your clinic please ask at main reception for a wheelchair.
Please bring only one person with you if possible as seating is limited. Children must be supervised at all times.
If you wear a hearing aid or spectacles please do not forget to bring them with you.

The Clinic

Please do not attend any more than 20 minutes before your appointment time, as the secretary will only check you in 15 minutes prior to your allocated appointment time.

You will check in at the desk and the consultant’s secretary will check that your personal details are correct. This is very important, as the doctor will dictate a letter to your GP following consultation. You will then be asked to take a seat in the appropriate waiting area.

Some minor tests may be taken prior to seeing the doctor. These may include x-ray, blood pressure, weight, urinalysis and/or electrocardiograph. If you are attending a fracture clinic your cast may be removed in the plaster room before you see the doctor.

Once you have seen the doctor you will be given a note to bring to the secretary for a follow up appointment if necessary. You may also be given blood test forms which may be taken immediately or your may have to make an appointment for a fasting blood test. This will be done in the phlebotomy room which is located near the main entrance of the Out Patients Department.

Warfarin Clinic

The Warfarin clinic is held weekly on level 3 in Suite 4. It starts at 08.00. This clinic is a monitoring service provided by the hospital for patients who are on Warfarin. If it is your first visit to the clinic please allow a half an hour, as a nurse will do an education session with you so that you may fully understand your treatment. You may want to bring somebody to the clinic with you on your first visit, as it can be overwhelming at first.

Please bring all your medication with you along with your yellow book, which contains the details of your Warfarin therapy. Medication includes all herbal or vitamin preparations you are taking as these can affect your Warfarin dosage.

While you are at the clinic a blood test will be taken from you and you will receive the results the following day by post. If your Warfarin dosage has been adjusted a note will be attached to your book asking you to note that adjustment. If you are unsure of the altered dose please do not hesitate to contact one of the nurses who run the clinic.

Presently, at the Warfarin clinic we only have the capacity to treat patients who are attending one of our own consultants.

Dental Services in the HSE Kildare/ West Wicklow Dental Area

The role of Dental Service is, within the resources available, to promote and improve the dental health of the population of the HSE Kildare/ West Wicklow Dental Area through preventive and treatment services and to promote an environment conducive to good oral health.

The following categories of patients are eligible for HSE Dental Services:

  • All children under 16 years of age who have attended public National School.
  • Adults with valid medical cards.
  • Special needs adults with medical cards.
  • E 111 form holders (emergency treatment).
  • E 128 form holders (routine treatment).
  • Refugees with Refugee Agency ID Cards who are awaiting medical cards (emergency treatment).
  • Residents of the United Kingdom on production of evidence of UK residence (emergency treatment).
  • Any other person whose entitlement is confirmed by the CEO or his/her office.

Services for children:
Delivered by the school dental service, which provides routine treatment to target classes (i.e. 2nd, 4th, 6th and 2nd year post-primary). Emergency services available to all children under 16 years of age. For information, contact the local HSE dental clinic or the offices of the Principal Dental Surgeon.

Service for adults:
Emergency and routine dental treatment is available via the Dental Treatment Services Scheme (DTSS) operated by certain private dentists and in certain HSE dental clinic evening sessions. For information, contact your local private dentist, the local HSE dental clinic or the offices of the Principal Dental Surgeon.
The DTSS provides for routine dental treatment and a range of “below line treatments” e.g. dentures. In certain cases, treatment not covered under the DTSS may be provided by the HSE clinics if a specific need is identified. Application for approval for such treatments should be made to the Principal Dental Surgeon.

Services for patients with special needs:
In 2005 two new dental surgeries opened in Naas General Hospital as part of the primary care dental service. As with all HSE dental clinics in the area, dental services are available to children and eligible adults. A special emphasis is placed on those with special needs and includes the following categories of patients:

  • Attending special schools/ special classes
  • In residential care
  • Attending sheltered workshops, training centres, remedial centres
  • Medically compromised adults
  • Medically compromised children
  • Psychiatric
  • Elderly
  • Travellers
  • Refugees
  • Homeless
  • Drug addicts

Emergency and routine services are delivered as for “services for adults” with additional service provision during daytime HSE dental clinics. For information, contact your local private dentist, the local HSE dental clinic or the offices of the Principal Dental Surgeon. Dental treatment under general anaesthetic is available for suitable adults in Naas General Hospital.

For further information on any aspect of the dental services, please contact the offices of the Principal Dental Surgeon.

The offices of the Principal Dental Surgeon are located at:
Dental Office,
HSE South Western Area,
Basin Street,
Co. Kildare
Tel 054 873286/ 873283
Fax 045 974139

The dental surgeries in Naas Hospital are located at:
Out Patient Department,
Level 3,
Naas General Hospital.
Tel: 045 843098