Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit provides advanced sophisticated and life saving critical care services to medical, surgical and cardiac patients who are experiencing or who are at risk of developing a life threatening condition. The ICU has 4 bed spaces including 1 isolation room.

Patients are admitted to ICU following referral and assessment by a member of the anaesthetic team. Patients are primarily admitted from A/E and theatre but may also be transferred from other wards in the hospital following a deterioration in the patients condition.
Our care system utilises all disciplines to provide quality care and to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.Services are provided by a highly experienced multidisciplinary team comprising nursing staff, anaesthetic staff , medical and surgical staff, physiotherapy staff , dietician , pharmacy staff, attendant staff , secretarial staff, catering and cleaning staff. Quality nursing care is delivered by registered nurses all of whom have experience in critical care .The nurse patient ratio is 1:1 in order to attain the optimal standard of care.
The unit provides educational opportunities for undergraduate students to experience the level of care provided in the ICU encouraging inquiry and shared learning. In conjunction with The University of Dublin,Trinity College and AMNCH the unit has been accepted as a clinical learning site for clinical placement as part of the Post Graduate Diploma in Specialist Nursing (intensive care strand) which is currently in progress.
Education within the unit is a vital and valued activity which enables our team to function more effectively and ensures that care delivered is appropriate and evidenced based. We pride ourselves on the quality of care delivered to our patients.

Level 3
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