The current car parking capacity at NGH provides for 250 parking spaces on site including designated disability parking. This caters for staff and visitors. There are in excess of 100,000 patient and visitor cars using the parking capacity annually. Therefore, future plans include provision to increase parking capacity to 506 spaces.

Due to safety considerations for staff who work on shifts it is not possible to allow visitors park in the underground car parks after 7.00pm

In order to ensure compliance with fire and safety legislation and ensure free traffic flow Hospital Management recently revised NGH " Traffic Flow.and Parking Regulations". which provides for more a rigorous enforcement of legal obligations.

A private security company is engaged full time regulating traffic at the hospital and all staff cars are obliged to have a permit displayed.

The parking of vehicles, is absolutely prohibited on front of the Emergency Department, the main entrance, or in a place or manner that obstructs or is likely to obstruct the safe passage of other vehicles or pedestrians.

Note; All vehicles parked at Naas General Hospital are parked at owners risk and neither the General Manager or any of his employees have any liability for any damage to any vehicle or its contents